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About us


About Berlin Opera Tickets | Classical Concerts in Berlin | Berlin Opera Tickets

BerlinOperaTickets.com is an Online Ticket Service for Perfomance/Show Organizers & Visitors offering tickets for the most requested operas and concerts in Berlin and Germany, Europe.

The service is a support for a well organised, stress-free trip to Berlin.

Trough the transparency of the cities offer one can pre-select in advance the choices and act like at home.


RM Europa Ticket GmbH

Wohllebengasse 6/2, A-1010, Wien
LANDLINE PHONE +43 1 9688622
Information, General Data and Reclamations under: office@berlinoperatickets.com

Media owner, editor and publisher: RM Europa Ticket GmbH

General Manager: Mihai Radan

Corporate subject: Ticket Office (online ticket sales).
Commercial regulations: Trade regulations www.ris.bka.gv.at
Chamber membership: Member of the Economic Chamber Austria. Section Vienna Leisure Business / Ticket offices.
Supervising Authority: Bezirkshauptmmanschaft 1190 Vienna.

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