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Baroque Opera Gala – Enchantment of the Classics tickets

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Baroque Opera Gala – Enchantment of the Classics
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Visitors to the Baroque Gala at Charlottenburg Palace will experience the magic of classical music. Take a journey to the Baroque period and enjoy musical pleasure and culinary delicacies.
Loud against quiet, solo against ensemble, a competition of instruments – contrast-rich interplays dominate in the Baroque period: Virtuosity and elegance, pride and vulnerability, delicacy and passion alternate between each other. The music of the epoch is lively and joyful with rhythms, timbres and surprises. The Berlin Residence Orchestra will revive the Baroque era with a concert series at the original historical venue with a work by Handel and take the audience into the era of contrasts and emotions.
An Evening of Full Royal Delights– Banquet in the Palace
The Berlin Marriott Hotel will indulge your palate with three courses of culinary subtleties in the baroque ambiance of Charlottenburg Palace. Enjoy an outstanding gala of carefully selected, seasonal ingredients of regional origin and the musical contributions of an orchestra soloist.
16.06. – 15. 9.2018
Wednesdays and Saturdays on selected dates
The Orchestra
The ensemble consists of well-known musicians, who interpret baroque and classic opera with a keen sense of the compositions from that era. The result is an extraordinary concert event, which will present a programme with musical highlights presented true to the original style and aristocratic sound.
Our Packages
Dinner & Concert
Served in the magnificent West Wing by candlelight, this exquisite dinner represents the atmospheric prelude to the subsequent concert. A vegetarian alternative is available upon request.
Palace tour, dinner & concert
For the ultimate cultural evening we offer you this all-in package that leaves no wish unfulfilled. A real treat for those who love history, good food and wonderful music!
Opera Gala Menu
white tomatosoup
pine nuts, rocketoil, tomatopesto
Main Course
grilled beef medaillons
bean cuffs, potatomousseline, pepper sauce
Vegetarian Alternative
herb bulgurpatty, bean cuffs, potatomousseline, vegetable sauce
pistachio, vanilla, crumble
If you prefer the vegetarian menu,
please order in advance.
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