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Easter Concerts – Spring Awakening at the Palace tickets

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Easter Concerts – Spring Awakening at the Palace
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Unforgettable evenings at Charlottenburg Palace await you on the occasion of our Easter concerts. Enjoy classical compositions by Bach, Vivaldi and Corelli in conjunction with an exquisite gala dinner.

Easter as a celebration of life and the resurrection story of Jesus Christ has inspired generations of classical composers to work in a fascinating way. The tremendously passionate works of J.S. Bach are the cornerstones of classical music during Easter and as well, shorter instrumental pieces by additional composers will offer the listener welcome opportunities for contemplation and reflection. Empathetic and devotional, the Berlin Residence Orchestra dedicates itself to these pearls of musical history during the Easter concerts and will bring the audience out from hibernation and into a spring awakening in the palace with a journey of sound.   


Festive Gala Menu in a Baroque Atmosphere
A thematically harmonised, optional three-course menu from the Berlin Marriott completes the sensual experience of spring. Seasonal ingredients of regional origin in refined compositions will accompany you through the evening while enjoying the opulent surroundings of Charlottenburg Palace.


30. & 31. March


The Orchestra
The ensemble consists of well-known musicians, who interpret baroque and classical opera with a keen sense of the compositions from that era. In April 2016 the orchestra under the direction of Bruno Schmidt celebrated its tenth anniversary! 


Our Packages
Dinner & Concert

Served in the magnificent West Wing by candlelight, this exquisite dinner represents the atmospheric prelude to the subsequent concert. A vegetarian alternative is available upon request.

Easter Menu

Rabbit crispyroll
Haunch, turnip, lettuce

 Vegetarian Alternative
Goatcheese crispyroll, cream cheese, turnip, lettuce


Main Course
Fried rack of lamb
Beanpotpourri, roman cams, rosmary sauce

Vegetarian Alternative
Parmesan swirl, beanpotpourri, roman cams, tomato


Rhubarb Tiramisu
Espressoglace, ladyfinger, vanilla

If you prefer the vegetarian menu,
please order in advance.

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