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Giselle | Ballet tickets

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Giselle | Ballet
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The ballet dancers are supposed to float across the stage like ghostly elf creatures - it was the wish of the choreographers who really pushed the stage dance in the 19th century to the extreme. In often scary scenes, dancing elves and fairies set off monstrous things. So also in the popular ballet classic "Giselle". The work is considered one of the highlights of the Romantic Ballet and combines the yearning for the supernatural congenial with the everlasting fascination with tragic love stories.

And so "Giselle" describes a fate that can only exist in this form on stage: The beautiful peasant girl Giselle loves not only dancing, but also Albrecht, who woos her violently. But the young duke has long been promised to another. When Giselle learns about it, she loses her mind, dances to utter exhaustion and dies. After her death, she is admitted to the community of Wilis. These are elven beings who, like Giselle, died as cheated brides before their marriage. Together with her companions, Giselle is condemned to seduce men into dancing at night until they die from fatigue. Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis, watches over this activity. One night Albrecht comes to the forest to visit Giselle's grave ...
Based on the great French tradition that he himself comes from, the choreographer Patrice Bart worked on a version of the "Giselle" for the Staatsballett Berlin in 2000, which closely follows the original choreography of Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot and at the same time expressing the freshness and timelessness of the language of Romantic Ballet.

Choreography and staging by Patrice Bart after Coralli and Perrot
Music by Adolphe Adam

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