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Legend has it that it was a dark winter's day in the late 1960s, when the sparkle of jewels in a shop window on fancy New York's 5th Avenue captured George Balanchine. And what did the successful choreographer do? Instead of simply acquiring the beautiful diamonds, rubies and emeralds, he was inspired by their splendor to a new ballet: "Jewels".
"Jewels" is a full-length ballet in neoclassical style that has no plot. But "Jewels" is no more an abstract ballet, at least not in the eyes of George Balanchine: "Ballet can never be abstract. Ballet is something thoroughly concrete, because you see men and women who move faster and better and look better than most people, "says Balanchine and asks," Is there something more concrete? ". Without action, "Jewels" wants to beguile the senses with a perfect combination of music and movement.
According to Balanchine, the first lyrical part called "Emeralds", emeralds dedicated to the music of Gabriel Fauré, evokes the romance of France with all its elegance, the fashion and the fragrance of refined perfumes. If you continue this logic, then the second part "rubies", the rubies, for the energetic America of the jazz era. For this part Balanchine chose the fiery music of Igor Stravinsky. To the music of Peter I. Tchaikovsky finally awakens the third part "Diamonds", the diamonds, memories of the elegance and opulence of the ballet of Tsarist Russia. Viewed from this point of view, the evening not only traces different parts of the history of dance, but also important stages in Balanchine's life, who emigrated from Russia via France to the United States.
George Balanchine loved the women, they master most of his choreographies. The virtues of his dancer's ideal are strength, speed, precision and balance. "Jewels" makes these virtues spectacular and celebrates them in the form of a parade of beauty. This is probably the most famous Balanchine saying: "Ballet is a woman". For Balanchine, ballet is a thoroughly feminine subject: "It's a woman. A man likes to be a partner, a helper, a chevalier. That's why ballet exists. " If this view seems a little out of date today, it is hardly surprising that Balanchine was married to four of his beautiful ballerinas. And so in "Jewels" one can almost recognize a contest between the dancers for the favor of the audience, who use their virtuosity to subtly flirt with the means of dance, just as if it were also about the charismatic choreographer.
Born in an extremely stylish era, when Audrey Hepburn beguiled people on the big screen, and Andy Warhol caused a stir in the galleries, "Jewels" has long since become a timeless classic. With a stage design specially designed by Pepe Leal for the State Ballet and new, tasteful costumes by the Spanish fashion designer Lorenzo Caprile, this particularly elegant piece of dance art appears in a new décor that can only be seen in the capital. One thing is for sure: this ballet made to measure will especially delight fans of classical ballet.

Choreography © The George Balanchine Trust



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Maxime Pascal
Jürgen Flimm
George Tsypin
Ursula Kudrna
Olaf Freese
Martin Wright
Benjamin Wäntig
Laura Aikin
Charles Workman
literary figure
Otto Katzameier
Tómas Tómasson
Sónia Grané
Lena Haselmann
Thomas Lichtenecker
Christian Oldenburg

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